Life Group Overview
What comes next after you have identified with The Livinglight Church family?
Life Groups!
What better place to begin to work out the new things you have learned in the
Church than in a small group setting like a Life Group ? Being a part of a Life
Group has many wonderful benefits that will help you grow in your faith and be
involved in the work of the ministry.
Life Groups are weekly meetings held in believers homes that include:
fellowship, worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and outreach opportunities, all with
the message of hope, healing, and victory that has characterized Isarel Olusore
Ministries. Acts 2:42, Acts 2:46
Life Groups provide a safe, relaxed spiritual environment for believers to grow
in God and His Word while they are being equipped for the ministry. What
better place to begin to work out your callings and giftings in the Lord than in a
small group setting, learning how to step out in spiritual gifting, learning inter-
relational skills and how to minister to others. Ephesians 4:11-12
People who are involved with Life Groups often grow into a close supportive
family while they share life’s experiences and learn how to apply what they are
learning in the Bible to daily life. Gathering with your Life Group on a weekly
basis lends an opportunity for edification and greatly enhances your spiritual
growth.  Acts 5:42
You will also be encouraged to become doers of the Word and be used of the
Lord both as a blessing and a testimony to the local community as you step out
in ministry together with other members into your local neighborhood, reaching
out to people on a continual basis in order to lead them to Jesus. Joel 3:13-14,
Exodus 18:13-25, Matthew 9:37
We believe every Christian is born again complete in Christ Jesus, and that
while a certain degree of adolescent growth occurs by hearing and studying the
Bible, to grow into a mature spiritual child of God there must be a consistent
doing of that which is being heard and studied.  There is no such thing as a

mature Christian that is only a hearer of the Word of God and is not a doer of
the Word.  Life Groups help hearers become doers.
If you would like to learn more about Life Groups , check to see if there is a
Life Group in your area, or start your own Life Team, please write Pst. Lanre
Ajobiewe at