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Bunmi and I are blessed by your visiting our website. We welcome you, and pray
that the word of God delivered from this ministry becomes a testimony you can
share with friends and family. We believe that the only authentic catalyst for
transformation or change in a man’s life is the word of God because nothing sets
free like the truth.
Do you know how important it is to be taught the word of God in a practical way?
Through life applicable, practical teaching of the word of God, you not only gain
understanding but you can apply it to your life. God’s word made us to understand
that understanding is the well spring of life to them that have it, David said to
God…” give me understanding and I shall live” so understanding the word of God
and applying it to your life is almost as important as breathing itself because it
affects your ability to succeed in life.
Bunmi and I have committed ourselves to ensuring that your soul is renewed and
your spirit is revitalized and filled with God’s word. We appreciate the opportunity
to minister a timely word that gives you the answers you’ve been searching for.
We invite you to join us as we worship and fellowship in God’s word every
Wednesday and Sunday. Be blessed!